Dewey Loeffel
Landfill Community
Advisory Group


  • Next CAG Meeting: 03/14/23
    Please contact Elizabeth Murphy with CAG–related questions.

Mission Statement

The goals of the Dewey Loeffel Community Advisory Group (Dewey Loeffel CAG or CAG) are: 1) to provide community input in all aspects of actions taken to address the contamination related to the Dewey Loeffel Landfill Site (the Site), including all impacted areas; 2) to work to ensure that the cleanup is fully protective of human health, wildlife, fish and the environment, and that it is performed in a timely manner; and 3) to make certain that the natural resources in the area will be restored without use restrictions and that all potential future risks related to the Site are eliminated.

With the support of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Dewey Loeffel CAG was established in 2019. An organized group of community members interested in the Site, it is the focal point for information exchange among community members, the state and EPA about the Site cleanup. The Dewey Loeffel CAG will assist EPA in making better decisions about the Site cleanup. It will provide to EPA, for serious consideration, the community preferences for Site cleanup.

The CAG holds regular meetings open to the public, reviews technical information about Site cleanup, connects with the community, works with EPA and state officials to determine information needs, and relays information and comments on Site issues to state and EPA officials. CAG meetings are generally held quarterly, on the 1st Tuesday of the months of March, June, September, and December. Every member of the community is welcome to become involved and express an opinion about the Site study and cleanup efforts at any time and does not have to rely on the CAG to do so. However, if interested in becoming a member of the CAG, please contact the CAG Chairperson (see About Us).

Site Background

The Dewey Loeffel Landfill Site has a long history, stemming back to the New York State – ordered shutdown of the hazardous waste landfill in 1968. That action was premised upon years of citizen complaints, documented downstream fish and animal kills, and uncontrolled fires at the Site. In addition to ceasing operations, the State ordered the landfill operator to clean up the Site. From 1980 until the Site was added to EPA's National Priorities List in 2011, various cleanup activities and studies were performed at the Site under the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) Superfund program. Over the years, some hazardous substances, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), have migrated from the landfill to underlying aquifers and downstream surface water bodies, resulting in contamination of groundwater, surface water, sediments and several species of fish. There is currently a fish consumption advisory for Nassau Lake and several connected water bodies. Site investigations are underway to determine the nature and extent of the contamination and inform the development of permanent cleanup options for the site.


About Us


Name Representing
Michelle Baxter Resident
Michelle Becker Resident
Richard Elder Rensselaer County Department of Health
Steve Everett Kinderhook Lake Corporation
David Fleming Supervisor, Town of Nassau
Erica Gundrum Resident
Hans Hallman Resident
David Harris Supervisor, Town of Schodack
Bruce Herron Resident
Ron Jensis Resident
Andy Kahnle UNCAGED
Amanda Keenan Resident
Dawne Kelly Town of Schodack
Dan Langer Kinderhook Lake Corporation
Patsy Leader Supervisor, Town of Kinderhook
Deborah Prime Resident
Jim Prime Nassau Lake Park Improvement Association
Lani Richards Town of Nassau
Dan Schaummann Resident
Ann Shaughnessy Rensselaer County Environmental Management Council
Dan Spilman UNCAGED
Kelly Travers-Main UNCAGED
Brian Wilson Nassau Lake Park Improvement Association


Interest Group Representative
CAG Facilitator Elizabeth Murphy
US EPA Joseph Battipaglia, Remedial Project Manager

Larisa Romanowski, Community Involvement Coordinator
NYSDEC Kyle Forster, Project Manager
NYSDOH Eamonn O'Neil, Public Health Specialist 2
Rensselaer County Legislature Scott Bendett

Robert Loveridge

Charles Peter


Dewey Loeffel CAG

Dewey Loeffel CAG Facilitator

Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

New York State Department of Health