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Topic: Virtual Stakeholder Meeting on OSHA Initiatives to Protect Workers from Heat-Related Hazards
Time: May 3, 2022, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time

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This stakeholder meeting will provide an opportunity to learn about and comment on the various efforts the agency is taking to protect workers from heat-related hazards, as well as hear about the agency's rulemaking process and ways for the public to participate. The agency will also provide an overview of the following three topics:

The meeting will take place virtually using Zoom and will be available for concurrent viewing by the public on the DOL YouTube channel. The meeting will be broadcast in English and Spanish and may be archived for future viewing.

OSHA plans to use this meeting to establish an open dialogue with stakeholders. At the end of each OSHA information session, stakeholders will have an opportunity to ask questions about the presentations. Additionally, this meeting will include public comment and testimony periods during which OSHA is interested in receiving feedback from stakeholders.

If you would like to attend, provide public comment, or ask questions, please register for this meeting. To present public comments during the meeting, you must indicate your intent to speak in the form below. In order to accommodate many speakers, public comments will be limited to no more than three minutes during this meeting. The duration of speaking time is subject to change, and the time allotted for each speaker will be finalized upon the close of registration. Although OSHA welcomes all comments and seeks to accommodate many speakers at the meeting, it may not be possible to accommodate all stakeholder requests to speak at the meeting. The order of speakers will be determined based on affiliation and will be confirmed with speakers prior to the event. Those who cannot attend the meeting and those who are unable or choose not to make verbal comments during the meeting are invited to submit their comments in writing to OSHA at the conclusion of the meeting, or submit them electronically to www.regulations.gov, Docket No. OSHA-2022-0006. You may submit comments and additional materials until August 1, 2022.

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