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Note: Your institution must be a federal/state/local government agency, nonprofit, or academic institution to be eligible for a one-year trial institutional membership with I2SL.

1. Primary Contact Information

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If additional contacts from your institution whose information is not provided above are interested in subscribing to the I2SL mailing list, they may do so at any time by emailing info@i2sl.org.

6. Payment Type

One-Year Institutional Membership Fee: $600.00

Please note: If you are paying by check, you must print your confirmation page and mail it, along with your check made payable to "International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories," to:

c/o ERG
2300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 350
Arlington, VA 22201

Internet Payments

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Please note: Credit card statements will show a charge from "charity/social services organization." Please advise your accounting department of this fact where applicable.

Membership Dues

I2SL membership is valid starting on the date membership form and payment of dues are received until the expiration date provided on the confirmation email. Dues are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Privacy Policy

ERG is committed to respecting the privacy and rights of individuals who access our website. Personal and credit card information is collected for the purposes of membership registration only, and is not distributed, disclosed, or used for any other reasons. Read our full privacy policy.

Membership Confirmation

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